Discover how PowerBookings can help you

All our features are developed with you in mind! If you have an idea which you think you would benefit from, contact us and we’ll discuss how we can help.


Get started by adding your services to the website. You can then add your employees to the services.


You can manage all your employees from one Dashboard. Assign them to services, give them specific working hours and much more.


Is your customer in your store? Not a problem, create and sign them up via your own Dashboard, or get them to sign up via your website.


Got pictures? Add them to your website and show your customers what you can do!

It's completely free!

You heard that right! It's free! Forever! We believe in keeping things financially easy, so we did!

Booking Website

We give you a free website. You can customise it with your own images, contact details, and more.

It's Mobile

Mobile is more important than ever now, that's why we've made your website completely mobile friendly.

Online 24/7

Your website doesn't sleep. Your customers can register and make a booking with you at their own convenience.


PowerBookings is built to be powerful and extendable. We’re always releasing updated and new features to your control panel which will benefit you, and your business. Ran on only Premium Web Hosting, your website has 99.99% uptime.


We know what it’s like, we’ve been there. As a small business, we want to help other small businesses get the most of the software they use. That’s why we’re free and deliver a great service. If you need us, we’re here for you. 


If it’s not for you, just close your account, no questions asked. We get that we may not be for everyone. However, we would love to hear from you and get some feedback. If there’s a feature you need, speak to us and we’ll make it happen. 

Take your business to the next level

Toys“R”Us, Kodak, and MySpace... what key thing do all of these companies (that used to be market leaders) have in common? That's right. They never kept up with the times. How can you keep up? A website, taking orders online, these are definitely ways to get ahead of your competitors.

You are Powered by the Cloud

With PowerBookings, your bookings website is powered by premium cloud website hosting. You, therefore, benefit from all of the top-notch premium technology our partners over at BuySharedHosting sell as part of their packages. You get it, for free, right here.

Take Bookings on your own Website

Do you want to automate your bookings process, and give yourself more time to focus on what really matters? Allow your customers to book their own appointments on your website will free up your "admin" time and give you back the precious time to spend on your core business instead.

Your Website is Fast

We use the same Technology that our parent company, BuySharedHosting use. We have load-balanced SSD equipment servers which means it's very rare to experience down time or effects from other users on the network.

Create Content

Create and publish content on your own brand new website. Our easy to use system makes it very easy, even for non techies.

Notifications System

Your clients will automatically get emailed about their appointments. No need to chase them, we do all the work for you!

Add Employees

You can set up employee profiles to your website, this enables them to create content, and allows customers to make bookings with them.

Manage Pricing

Control all the pricing for your services. Change your currency to match your countries and customers preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing at all! It’s completely free!

At present, your customers can only choose to pay with Cash Payment. This means when they arrive to see you they will pay you or you have to sort an alternative method out. We will be integrating PayPal into the system soon, so register to the newsletter and find out when that will be accessible.

We give you the ability to have certain customisation controls on your website. Please see our Tutorials for more information.

No. We do not tie you into a contract. We work on a pay-as-you go basis. If you stop paying, your website will expire at the end of that billing period.

Because we offer our services for free, we require that all our customers display a credit to the company as that’s our only source of advertising.

If you find that PowerBookings doesn’t work for you, we would be happy to examine why. Please get in touch with us and we will arrange a discussion to see what we can do to help your business.

Yes. The free package will be completely free forever.

PowerBookings system allows you to disable online payments which means that all your customers have to book in with you by paying cash in hand.

We provide a generic design for your website but we don’t offer to design it for you. We will be rolling out different themes in the future though, so keep posted for that. Sign up to our news letter for more information.